Our Pledge

The Maas Construction Inc., Pledge

This is our assurance to you..., our customer.  
We will...,

 ·         Build you a great home with exceptional value at a fair price.   

·         Provide an incomparable building experience and service which is partly accomplished with our web based project management system which essentially gives you access to us and our system at hours that are convenient to you, not the builder. 

·         Utilize a team of seasoned professionals and craftsmen who love what they do, just as much as us, instead of inexperienced trades people and day labor.

·         Provide you waivers of lien ensuring that all labor and materials have been paid for so you’re not stuck with liens from unpaid subs and material-men meaning you get to pay for the work done not once, but twice. 

·         Finish your house.  Simple fact, but it’s becoming more commonplace in these lean times for projects to be taken on by undercapitalized builders that are hungry for work but are simply  trying to get that next draw or deposit that is never spent on your home.

·         Apply and pay for the building permit in our name, which not only means that WE are responsible for the work we do, but that WE will also be the ones responsible for the sales tax. 

·         Be around to service your home after completion if the need arises.  We’ve built our business and reputation on that fact.  Any perceived savings quickly vanish when you essentially become your own warranty company because of an insolvent or missing contractor.

·         Help you with design, material and color selections if you desire.  We won’t push you off to the suppliers and then mention after the fact that we sort of thought those colors or materials looked a bit awkward together after noticing disappointment on your face.   Most homeowners look to us for guidance on selections and we feel that it is a win/win situation to help the customer by providing our time and expertise on these matters.  Your home will look better and so will we. 

·         Provide competent on site supervision and project management so that your home, which is typically a person’s biggest investment is quality built and managed.  We won’t set a bunch of subs loose on the job having them control the schedule and make decisions affecting the finish and outcome of the house that should be up to the builder or owner.

·         Keep you apprised of the costs of your home in real time as they happen.  Any changes are completed online in a very easy to follow system.  We won’t spring a bunch of additional cost change orders on you at the closing for all those things that you were told by the builder were, “no problem.”

·         ……. And lastly, build the home as promised.  We won’t spec out more expensive things and then substitute for cheaper or delete them all together because we bid your home too cheaply and can’t afford to build what was promised.  Please check out the record of any builder you are considering with the AZ Registrar of Contractors.

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